Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate conscience or responsible business) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into the business model. It refers to business practices that involves participating in initiatives that benefit the society.

We thank your loyal support to us. This time around we wanted you to know more about, some of our Social Service Initiatives. We have been conducting them for the past few years, and are keen on your suggestions on them.

“Time is Money” says the proverb. Turn it around and you get a precious truth, “MONEY is TIME.”

Currently, we are contributing to the following Social Activities.

Teaching Underprivileged Children:

Importance of education being limitless, two volunteers from the top-notch of our organisation, actively and diligently spend hours per week each, on teaching and educating about 60 underprivileged children at Ritchi Park, Kolkata, in support with other likeminded individuals plus an additional preparatory work of about total hours per week per volunteer is spent.

 Awarding Financial Scholarships:

Around the world there are many capable students willing to pursue the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst, USA) course, but are unable to do so, because of its exorbitant fee structure. One of  our team members has been designated the selectors by the Society, to help single out deserving candidates from a given set of applications.

Organizing Financial Awareness & Related Skill Workshops:

We are an active member of IAIP (Indian Association of Investment Professionals), and also form a part of its Programming & Continuous Education Team. Seminars, discussions, felicitations, workshops etc. are held, calling upon eminent personalities of the industry & the related industries. In general, programs are also held to create awareness related to the varied issues of the society.

Feeding the underprivileged:
Under close supervision of the top-notch of our organisation, food packets & soft beverages (sharbats /milk shakes etc.) are prepared & distributed to the underprivileged children, old citizens and their families.

Conducting One on One Financial planning & Guidance sessions for the poor people:
It is seen that urban poor mostly drivers, watchmen, peons, servants etc., are in financial dilemmas most of the time (as they say so), not because, they fall in very low income group, but because they do not deal with the income earned by them properly except spending it all. Some are still victims of exorbitant interest rates taken from private money lenders. Our sessions have helped them drastically.

Any CSR activities which you are taking part in, and require our association, please do let us know. We would be happy to volunteer, if possible.

Warm Regards,
Shree Rama International